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A Letter to the Soldier

I've been taking a class online from OM Magazine named "Healing through Writing" and this was my assignment this week.  **Trigger Warning** if you have been sexually abused as a child because there is mention of the abuse, nothing graphic. Assignment: Think about a photo of someone like your parents, grandparents, or a lover. Sit quietly… Continue reading A Letter to the Soldier

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Soul Musings on What Matters Part 2

  Just to recap from Part 1, I was not practicing most of what was on my list of self- love actions. I did know in my gut when something was wrong and most of the time didn’t do it. I tried to trust my instincts or my gut when I was aware of them.… Continue reading Soul Musings on What Matters Part 2

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Funny Things Happen

Funny Things Happen A funny thing happened last week. Last Tuesday evening I tripped over a small box in my living room and fell with an injury to my dominant left hand. Being a retired RN, I just put an ace wrap on it and thought it would get better within a week. By Saturday… Continue reading Funny Things Happen

Devotional Readings

“Love Your Enemies” – Susan’s Devotional Journal 12/19/15

DAY NINETEEN - "Love Your Enemies" Scripture From "Quiet Moments With Jesus" From the Devotional "Quiet Moments With Jesus"  MY THOUGHTS & DISCUSSION The Lord speaks through the Devotional that we are to love our enemies. We are to be at peace with everyone and not return wickedness for wickedness. He says that when we were His… Continue reading “Love Your Enemies” – Susan’s Devotional Journal 12/19/15