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A Letter to the Soldier

I've been taking a class online from OM Magazine named "Healing through Writing" and this was my assignment this week.  **Trigger Warning** if you have been sexually abused as a child because there is mention of the abuse, nothing graphic. Assignment: Think about a photo of someone like your parents, grandparents, or a lover. Sit quietly… Continue reading A Letter to the Soldier

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Christmas is Near

CHRISTMAS IS NEAR Are you ready? We all get caught up in the excitement of Christmas with stars and ribbons and don't forget the lights. It's a party atmosphere because we'll see visiting friends and family. So hard to focus on what the holiday really means. God gave us a gift through His son, part… Continue reading Christmas is Near

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Prayerful Breaks

Prayerful Breaks We all need time away from things that cause daily stress. One of the ways that I relax and take a break is for me to pause and  put some prayerful meditation music on while I seek His presence with me as I pray. I've carved out time morning and evening by setting… Continue reading Prayerful Breaks