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Soul Musings on What Matters Part 1

  In my musings on life and what truly matters in our inner life and soul one of the biggest questions was “Who am I?”  That is what led to my journey to get in touch with who I was. There was a time when I identified as nurse, mom, wife, woman and chauffeur.  But I didn’t… Continue reading Soul Musings on What Matters Part 1

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Vows Are Soul Promises

Vows Are Soul Promises When you confess your sins and ask Jesus into your heart to live, this is a Soul Promise that you will make Him Lord and Savior of your life. This is a solemn vow that changes you and leads to righteousness. It is a wise choice to make this vow for… Continue reading Vows Are Soul Promises

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Poetry For The Soul – Music

Tonight, I'm sharing a new segment of my blog called "Poetry For The Soul."  I wrote this poem about a year ago. I had forgotten that I wrote this one. This will also be in my memoir as part of the Healing Section. Enjoy. Susans Soul... Music CCO Courtesy of The notes of music… Continue reading Poetry For The Soul – Music

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This Video is my Gift Today…

This blessed my heart. It was in Ann Voskamp (The Broken Way, Be the Gift author) weekly digest that I get from her Blog, Her theme was BE THE GIFT with an October Calendar included,