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What are Ash Wednesday and Lent?

First, I didn’t grow up attending Catholic Church or attend Catechism classes. In fact, I became a Christian in my thirty-fifth year. Anyway I have always observed Lent as a Holy time leading up to Easter when we celebrate that Christ is risen giving us, the sinners, the great gift of forgiveness of our sins.… Continue reading What are Ash Wednesday and Lent?

30 Days of Reflection

God Knows You-30 Days of Reflection-Day 31

I've learned that God knows you. On yesterday's blog, I spoke of a time when I learned what it meant to trust. I wrote about a difficult experience with my stepson while he was a teen and threatened me. I could not control the situation. I couldn't prevent it from happening. I was attending Al-anon and counseling. I couldn't change anything except myself. I had recently come to know God and started praying. A friend suggested that I pray Psalm 56:3.