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Are You Walking the Jesus Walk?

Are You Walking the Jesus Walk?   We all say that we are Christians, but do we walk as Jesus does? I speak only for myself, but I am not satisfied with myself when I go back on my commitment to follow Jesus. There is a knawing discomfort in my stomach when I try to… Continue reading Are You Walking the Jesus Walk?

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Poetry: Rain and Absence

Poetry: Rain and Absence I wrote this poem about a month ago while working with a new program that  allows you to overlay words onto images. I really didn't like it because words were cut off and that didn't show in the image until I saved and downloaded it. Anyway, the image prompted the poem which thing is sad but beautiful. Susans Soul...

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A New Spirit

Tonight, the Devotional changes to a 2nd 30 day Devotional, part of the Series: Quiet Moments with Jesus named IN THE SECRET.

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“Practice My Presence” – Susan’s Devotional Journal 12/30/15

  Day Thirty: "Practice My Presence" Scripture From "Quiet Moments With Jesus"   From the Devotional "Quiet Moments With Jesus"   My Thoughts Tonight, the Devotional reading focuses on practicing God's presence. I have copied the Devotional pages directly into my blog, Now, I ask you key questions to ponder after reading the Devotional with the… Continue reading “Practice My Presence” – Susan’s Devotional Journal 12/30/15