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Memories and Reruns

Memories and Reruns She looked into his eyes as the feelings slipped back to a time when she loved him. Each meeting brought with ita heart and soul essence that overtook you as if gazing at a god. When did the love disappear?  Or could it just be beyond Earth's visable plane. She shook herself… Continue reading Memories and Reruns

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Having Courage

Having courage is scary. Have you ever wanted to be courageous? Did you have a fear of being courageous? Have you ever shown courage or been around someone who showed courage in a situation? What do you think is required to have courage? The quote I chose today is about courage and was said and… Continue reading Having Courage

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Charlie Brown and Happiness

  Have you ever felt the way Charlie Brown feels in this comic? Afraid to be happy? I know that I have in the past and I still feel that way today at times less frequently than then. I was always afraid to trust "Happiness" because it was so fleeting and unexpected when I did… Continue reading Charlie Brown and Happiness

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6 Ethics of Life

Sometimes your run across a quote that really speaks to your inner soul. The 6 Ethics of Life resonated with me and my belief about LIFE. These are not only valuable to us to practice daily, but also to teach to our children and families. If you keep your eyes open, there are frequently lessons… Continue reading 6 Ethics of Life