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Her Choices

Her Choices The road she travels weekly from country home, four tires crunching the turn in the road to town The pattern grueling as she spends five in the city, then home for two and time with her baby, her mom. Times were hard in 1949, choices even harder. Notice the droop in her shoulders… Continue reading Her Choices

Poetry, Poetry and Prose, Susans Soul, Susans Soul Thoughts

Abuse Poetry – Dreams of Childhood

Tonight, I share some more abuse poetry. My memoir was on hold for over 6 weeks as I could not type very easily with my broken hand in a cast and was relegated to one or two fingers on my iPhone. But now the cast is off and I can continue to work on the… Continue reading Abuse Poetry – Dreams of Childhood

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Beware! Ceiling Footsteps

  Ive written this poem out of my genre. I rarely do paranormal scarey materiel but last night on AllPoetry.com I just wrote it. If you’ve been around awhile, you know about my love for Ghost Adventures on TV. Enough said. Enjoy! Beware! Ceiling Footsteps Quiet footsteps on the ceiling pad above me. I catch… Continue reading Beware! Ceiling Footsteps

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This week’s haiku prompt

This week's haiku prompt is Flare & Steam. Haiku are numbered, not named and substitute syllables, fragments, and phrases for sentences? This style of centuries old Japanese poety started with historical greats, Basho and Issa. The American pattern for syllables is 5-7-5.   rolling steam rushing with flames distracting flare Kitchen 9-1-1   RonovanWrites #Weekly… Continue reading This week’s haiku prompt