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Icy Tennessee Thoughts and Ramblings

Icy Tennessee Thoughts and Ramblings at -11 º F from an old lady..."What matters most in your life?" I thought. That existential question led me to ask others what matters most in your life? Not what you tell your friends on Facebook or Twitter. Not what you say to your boss or your partner, husband-wife-significant other. This… Continue reading Icy Tennessee Thoughts and Ramblings

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Memories and Reruns

Memories and Reruns She looked into his eyes as the feelings slipped back to a time when she loved him. Each meeting brought with ita heart and soul essence that overtook you as if gazing at a god. When did the love disappear?  Or could it just be beyond Earth's visable plane. She shook herself… Continue reading Memories and Reruns

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Children and Citizenship

Children and Citizenship What are you modeling for your children at home and in schools?

 Today's society bombards people daily with information from news sources and social media about politics and current trend/events. It is important for our children to learn about citizenship, government make-up, and voting as a responsibility. Our children need an active… Continue reading Children and Citizenship

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2018 Oops! My Goals

2018 Oops! My Goals I sat down after dinner and a pleasant New Years Day and breathed a sigh of relief. The holidays are finished for now anyway. Because I have a history of child abuse, Christmas and New Years are not my favorite times. Some years are better than others. But I digress. I… Continue reading 2018 Oops! My Goals