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Icy Tennessee Thoughts and Ramblings

Icy Tennessee Thoughts and Ramblings at -11 º F from an old lady..."What matters most in your life?" I thought. That existential question led me to ask others what matters most in your life? Not what you tell your friends on Facebook or Twitter. Not what you say to your boss or your partner, husband-wife-significant other. This… Continue reading Icy Tennessee Thoughts and Ramblings

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Out in the Cold #Daily Post #Daily Prompt

Out in the Cold #Daily Post #Daily Prompt He had shoveled snow until his hands and feet were numb. Finally, he entered the living room as the ice on his mustache began to thaw and drip. He headed toward the cold fireplace, added fresh wood and stoked a fire into life. Oh, how he relished… Continue reading Out in the Cold #Daily Post #Daily Prompt

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Prayerful Breaks

Prayerful Breaks We all need time away from things that cause daily stress. One of the ways that I relax and take a break is for me to pause and  put some prayerful meditation music on while I seek His presence with me as I pray. I've carved out time morning and evening by setting… Continue reading Prayerful Breaks

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Multiplicity And My Writing

I've been taking a class from DailyOM named Healing Your Soul with Writing. It is in many ways "Soul Work" designed to remember, research what you have wind your conciousmind with cause and effect.Below is an entry from my second lesson on mid-November. "Revelation Nov 9, 2017 10:36 PM Inner Revelation I just read an… Continue reading Multiplicity And My Writing