Memories and Reruns

Memories and Reruns She looked into his eyes as the feelings slipped back to a time when she loved him. Each meeting brought with ita heart and soul essence that overtook you as if gazing at a god. When did the love disappear?  Or could it just be beyond Earth's visable plane. She shook herself … Continue reading Memories and Reruns


Out in the Cold #Daily Post #Daily Prompt

Out in the Cold #Daily Post #Daily Prompt He had shoveled snow until his hands and feet were numb. Finally, he entered the living room as the ice on his mustache began to thaw and drip. He headed toward the cold fireplace, added fresh wood and stoked a fire into life. Oh, how he relished … Continue reading Out in the Cold #Daily Post #Daily Prompt

Amongst the Four-o-clocks, Part 1

Another short short story has begun the birthing process. I have part one complete for you today. The Tale is part fiction, part from my memoir of things I found important to me as a child in an abuse environment. It is being told almost in Fantasy Genre. Enjoy. Susans Soul

Another Award…

The Epic Awesomeness Award   I’ve been nominated for this unusual award that was originally offered by  Charles French,   who describes his blog as ‘an exploration of reading and writing‘. The Bloggers who nominated me for this award were Millie Thom, from her blog, name Millie Thom. I have been following her blog since I became … Continue reading Another Award…