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Soul Musings on What Matters Part 1

  In my musings on life and what truly matters in our inner life and soul one of the biggest questions was “Who am I?”  That is what led to my journey to get in touch with who I was. There was a time when I identified as nurse, mom, wife, woman and chauffeur.  But I didn’t… Continue reading Soul Musings on What Matters Part 1

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Just Imagine

This week's prompt phrase is: { IMAGINE}       Just imagine a world full of peace. No wars, no terrorists, no bombings or shooting. No violence of any king against man, beast, or nature. Just imagine the world like this. Is it possible? Not as long as the world is run by Satan and Evil.… Continue reading Just Imagine

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Having Courage

Having courage is scary. Have you ever wanted to be courageous? Did you have a fear of being courageous? Have you ever shown courage or been around someone who showed courage in a situation? What do you think is required to have courage? The quote I chose today is about courage and was said and… Continue reading Having Courage

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Tuesdays at Ten- The Serenity Prayer and Change

Tuesdays at Ten-Prompt-[change] The Serenity Prayer and Change In the past, I feared change. As a child in an abusive home, the rules changed every day. I tried to figure out the rules each morning when I woke but never succeeded at it. The only consistency was at school. There the rules were clear and… Continue reading Tuesdays at Ten- The Serenity Prayer and Change