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A Letter to the Soldier

I've been taking a class online from OM Magazine named "Healing through Writing" and this was my assignment this week.  **Trigger Warning** if you have been sexually abused as a child because there is mention of the abuse, nothing graphic. Assignment: Think about a photo of someone like your parents, grandparents, or a lover. Sit quietly… Continue reading A Letter to the Soldier

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What if…#2

What if... #2 What if we celebrated Thanksgiving daily rather than once a year? Is the Lord not worthy of 24/7/365 gratefulness? Just thinking out loud...                   What if We Followed Advice From Our Father? Proverbs 4 20 My child, pay attention to what I say. Listen… Continue reading What if…#2

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Deviance and Honor Revisit

I decided to feature weekly one of the poems that I will include in my memoir (in progress). This week, Deviance and Honor which was written about the perpetrator, my father. Susans s Soul...

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Did you ever…?

Did you ever have one of those days? Like it's morning and you are walking your dog in the backyard... and you lose your balance on the step and fall down on your ass (Ohhh meant butt,,, honest). When you can't get up, then you try to use your $280 apple watch to call your daughter or… Continue reading Did you ever…?