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A Letter to the Soldier

I've been taking a class online from OM Magazine named "Healing through Writing" and this was my assignment this week.  **Trigger Warning** if you have been sexually abused as a child because there is mention of the abuse, nothing graphic. Assignment: Think about a photo of someone like your parents, grandparents, or a lover. Sit quietly… Continue reading A Letter to the Soldier

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Abuse Poetry – Dreams of Childhood

Tonight, I share some more abuse poetry. My memoir was on hold for over 6 weeks as I could not type very easily with my broken hand in a cast and was relegated to one or two fingers on my iPhone. But now the cast is off and I can continue to work on the… Continue reading Abuse Poetry – Dreams of Childhood

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Multiplicity And My Writing

I've been taking a class from DailyOM named Healing Your Soul with Writing. It is in many ways "Soul Work" designed to remember, research what you have wind your conciousmind with cause and effect.Below is an entry from my second lesson on mid-November. "Revelation Nov 9, 2017 10:36 PM Inner Revelation I just read an… Continue reading Multiplicity And My Writing

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Amongst the Four-o-clocks, Part 1

Another short short story has begun the birthing process. I have part one complete for you today. The Tale is part fiction, part from my memoir of things I found important to me as a child in an abuse environment. It is being told almost in Fantasy Genre. Enjoy. Susans Soul