Soul Musings on What Matters Part 2

  Just to recap from Part 1, I was not practicing most of what was on my list of self- love actions. I did know in my gut when something was wrong and most of the time didn’t do it. I tried to trust my instincts or my gut when I was aware of them. … Continue reading Soul Musings on What Matters Part 2


Soul Musings on What Matters Part 1

  In my musings on life and what truly matters in our inner life and soul one of the biggest questions was “Who am I?”  That is what led to my journey to get in touch with who I was. There was a time when I identified as nurse, mom, wife, woman and chauffeur.  But I didn’t … Continue reading Soul Musings on What Matters Part 1

Icy Tennessee Thoughts and Ramblings

Icy Tennessee Thoughts and Ramblings at -11 º F from an old lady..."What matters most in your life?" I thought. That existential question led me to ask others what matters most in your life? Not what you tell your friends on Facebook or Twitter. Not what you say to your boss or your partner, husband-wife-significant other. This … Continue reading Icy Tennessee Thoughts and Ramblings

Moment by Moment

Tonight, I want to talk about staying in the moment; moment by moment. The only thing that we have control of is (1) ourselves and (2) the present moment. There are three parts to staying in the moment. Each is significant.  The first part of advice or observation is "Don’t live in the past, it’s … Continue reading Moment by Moment