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Thank you for the PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook Cliff-Jumping Cliffs fascinate me as I look down. Unable to focus my gaze on the sky, begin to feel dizzy and quite brave. Wonder what it would be like to  say,"One, Two, Three, and Jump?" Would it frighten me or free me? That's the thing about cliff-jumping in… Continue reading Cliff-Jumping

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City Blight

  Thank you for the PHOTO PROMPT © C.E. Ayr City Blight   The City blight stood before him; not as he remembered it in his youth. He returned to finish his Masters. The neighborhood was rundown with litter everywhere. Homeless littered the streets and the occasional addict making his connection.   He remembered this area… Continue reading City Blight

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River Serpent Monster

Thank you for the PHOTO PROMPT – © Dale Rogerson River Serpent Monster Th' river serpent monster was jus’a rumor outside Chattanooga. Said it lived in the Tennessee River. Only a coupla kids seen him but everybody was scared.   Th' tourists only one’s dumb ‘nuff to swim thar. Gas-station Donnie was lurkin t’day and… Continue reading River Serpent Monster

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Dyami and Kathy

Dyami and Kathy   A Native American man named Dyami boarded the bus. Kathy boarded last and took her seat beside him. He introduced himself as Dyami meaning Eagle.   Kathy grew up in this small town and had just graduated high school. She was surprised that he spoke so intelligently. Kathy had never been… Continue reading Dyami and Kathy