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6 Ethics of Life

Sometimes your run across a quote that really speaks to your inner soul. The 6 Ethics of Life resonated with me and my belief about LIFE. These are not only valuable to us to practice daily, but also to teach to our children and families. If you keep your eyes open, there are frequently lessons… Continue reading 6 Ethics of Life

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Tuesdays at Ten- The Serenity Prayer and Change

Tuesdays at Ten-Prompt-[change] The Serenity Prayer and Change In the past, I feared change. As a child in an abusive home, the rules changed every day. I tried to figure out the rules each morning when I woke but never succeeded at it. The only consistency was at school. There the rules were clear and… Continue reading Tuesdays at Ten- The Serenity Prayer and Change

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Re-Reading Chapters of Your Life

Stop re-reading the same chapters of your life. Today is a new beginning for you. Read a new chapter or better yet, buy a new book. Be positive and move forward beginning today...       If you continue re-reading the same chapters of your life, you are stuck. It is like being in a… Continue reading Re-Reading Chapters of Your Life

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Are You Connecting With Your Tribe?

Are You Connecting... Are you connecting with your tribe or are you hindering yourself? Do you have a separation story that keeps you from connecting with tribemates? When I write about “tribe,” I mean people who are like-minded. Souls who are drawn to each other. Your tribemates usually have similar interests and are people who and… Continue reading Are You Connecting With Your Tribe?