A Letter to the Soldier

I've been taking a class online from OM Magazine named "Healing through Writing" and this was my assignment this week.  **Trigger Warning** if you have been sexually abused as a child because there is mention of the abuse, nothing graphic. Assignment: Think about a photo of someone like your parents, grandparents, or a lover. Sit quietly … Continue reading A Letter to the Soldier


The Family Curse and Praise

Follow my blog with Bloglovin The Family Curse and Praise Today, I faced the curse of my ancestors, depression. It remains, leftover from my counseling appointment yesterday in the afternoon. “I will yet praise Him, my Savior and God.” Psalm 42:11 I lack any desire to do anything good for myself. I have no motivation. … Continue reading The Family Curse and Praise

DID: Multiplicity Revisit

Did you know that I have DID? Dissociation Identity Disorder (aka Multiple Personality Disorder) is most often caused by trauma.

Deviance and Honor Revisit

I decided to feature weekly one of the poems that I will include in my memoir (in progress). This week, Deviance and Honor which was written about the perpetrator, my father. Susans s Soul...