Poem: Facade

A new poem I wrote recently for a contest that I didn’t win. Susans Soul..


Such a large structure demanding
Great recognition and respect from all.
Strong and sturdy housing a multitude
Of rooms and people, the respected family.
The house keeps please entries flowing
As it observes the massive acreage that
Provide the house an array of stylish trees,
hedges, fountains, and flowering gardens.
No storm can touch the strong outer facade.


Inside those many rooms and people
Secrets abound like festering wounds.
The odor of the lies told to maintain the
Status quo–“Don’t rock the boat,” now.
Consider yourself forewarned that denial
coats, but the inner walls threaten their
encroachment on the strong outer stones.

The facade inside delivers damning news,
As both facades start to crumble from denial.

Susans Soul