Susan’s Poems

Today, I share Susan’s Poems which are 4 poems written by me during the last week. #1 Cycle was written because I was having difficulty sleeping. #2 Pain, The Motivator was written for a contest on All Poetry and the prompt was to tell what motivated you to write. #3 was written tonight and tells how sadness has given way to depression and feelings of failed happiness. #4 was also written tonight and describes the storm within me as a tornado.

I hope you enjoy my poetry. I admit it is on the dark side so not all will enjoy.




Exhaustion overcomes.
Tiredness lends itself.
Thinking is foggy,
sluggish, fragmented.
Rest evades me.
Energy hides.
Attitude deteriorates
leaving  hurt, sadness.
Cycle repeats
Insomnia ensues.
When will rest come?
When will energy return?
When will attitude
change from negative
to positive?

© Susan Langer. All rights reserved


Pain, The Motivator

pain, sadness, abuse
Pencil Sketch of a Sad Girl
Pain was the motivator.
Pain set me apart
and tore me asunder.
Pain gobbled me up
and spit me out
to be left unnoticed,
to be abandoned,
to feel nothing,
to say nothing.
Pain was the motivator
that brought pen to paper.
Heart connected to pain
spilled out overflowing
onto paper with pen and
young tears fell like raindrops
on a withered soul only twelve
yet much older in life.
A life of feelings of fear,
anger, sadness, abandonment
altogether within the
withering heart and soul
of one so young in heart
but old in soul.
Pain motivates still
this many years later.

Author Notes

I began writing poetry and prose at the age of 12 as an outlet to deal with abuse.

© Susan Langer. All rights reserved


Failed Happiness

Yet the sadness
overtakes me.
Leaves me feeling
empty inside.
The sadness
gives way to
numbness deep
within my soul.
Did not I already
fight this battle?
Do you never
give up?
Therapy, drug,
growth, changes
all lead to nothingness
when you come.
Again you take
me hostage and
I am overcome with
failed happiness.

© Susan Langer. All rights reserved


You swept into our lives
like a torrent of wind
from the sky.
You were subtle in
your approach as
you skirted about us.
You looked high and low
near and far for your
victims to be taken.
Those of us who saw
knew you were
not to be trusted.
Yet we lingered
watching your approach
with fascination.
Like a moth to a flame
we were drawn into
your destructive path.
At last sight
we knew we were
done for.

© Susan Langer. All rights reserved


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    1. Thank you for reading them and commenting. The emotions I felt while writing them were very real. 🙂


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