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This week’s haiku prompt

This week's haiku prompt is Flare & Steam. Haiku are numbered, not named and substitute syllables, fragments, and phrases for sentences? This style of centuries old Japanese poety started with historical greats, Basho and Issa. The American pattern for syllables is 5-7-5.   rolling steam rushing with flames distracting flare Kitchen 9-1-1   RonovanWrites #Weekly… Continue reading This week’s haiku prompt

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Are You Walking the Jesus Walk?

Are You Walking the Jesus Walk?   We all say that we are Christians, but do we walk as Jesus does? I speak only for myself, but I am not satisfied with myself when I go back on my commitment to follow Jesus. There is a knawing discomfort in my stomach when I try to… Continue reading Are You Walking the Jesus Walk?

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Poem: Facade

Such a large structure demanding Great recognition and respect from all. Strong and sturdy housing a multitude Of rooms and people, the respected family.

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Multiplicity And My Writing

I've been taking a class from DailyOM named Healing Your Soul with Writing. It is in many ways "Soul Work" designed to remember, research what you have wind your conciousmind with cause and effect.Below is an entry from my second lesson on mid-November. "Revelation Nov 9, 2017 10:36 PM Inner Revelation I just read an… Continue reading Multiplicity And My Writing